Sunday, October 10, 2010

Daddy Dearest...

My dad was away last week visiting his home town, family and best friend. Since I'm used to seeing my parents on Skype almost every day, I really missed him. So, I got to thinking about my dad and my relationship with him...

They say that a woman tends to chose a mate like her father, for better or for worse. Even though, when I was 16 I swore that my father was SO embarassing and would never do such a thing, it seems to have happened.

R, you are better dressed, more organized and handy, by any measure! I'm talking about the deeper qualities that you share like: Your love for disgustingly big hamburgers.

Okaaaay, in all seriousness, Both love their family first. Dad and R reject traditional roles of aloof fathers and embrace their baby girls with acceptance and overflowing love. They've chosen to be involved in their daughters' lives and they've reaped the rewards- deep relationships.

I never realized how blessed I was to have a father that shared the task of parenting with my mother until I got older and compared notes with friends. Along with the countless "thank you"s I owe my dad, the most important one is: Thanks for taking the time to get to know me and thank you for giving me time to get to know you!

If there's one thing my dad was born to do, it's be a dad. I'm just thankful that he was mine.

Stick around for a long, long time, okay?

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