Saturday, June 5, 2010

Twenty Nine

So, the calendar says that it's already June 5. How the heck did that happen? How has it been a whole year since I started maternity leave (yes, we get six weeks BEFORE the due date AND 12 weeks after!) and celebrated 28 with bbq and a few great friends?

Regardless of how quickly the year flew by, it has been a noteworthy one, indeed. It brought wonderful changes and experiences. To name a few:
  • The arrival of Ely and the transition from couple to family
  • More time than usual with mom and dad
  • Taking a job that doesn't include a salary, but for which I'm paid every single day in smiles and hugs.
  • Meeting new friends and having more time to catch up with old friends
As I mentioned in the post on the private blog, on the night of the earthquake, both R and I were pretty sure that was the end. I distinctly remember thinking, "It's been a good life." and feeling thankful for the days I'd had. So, it goes without saying that I'm incredibly thankful to have been blessed with all of the days since.

I'm glad to have lived my 28th year and look forward to my 29th. I don't feel any sadness about the encroaching big 3-0! I'm thrilled to have made it this far and grateful for what my life has turned out to be. As none of us has tomorrow assured, I'll be happy for each day this year.

If I could make one birthday wish, it would be to have North and South America be just a little closer together. (God, please take note: I'd prefer this be achieved without another earthquake!)

If that's out of the question, how about world peace?

If I had to, I'd settle for the addition of a direct flight to DC or BWI.

Happy 29th birthday to me. Happy 29th Anniversary of parenthood to my dear parents. And happy June 5th to you!


  1. Happy Birthday to you and thank you for the best 29 years of our lives!

  2. Happy Birthday, Taryn! Doesn't it seem that the time flies by now that we're mommies? I saw a Behind The Music of New Kids on the Block tonight and couldn't believe that it's been 20 yrs since I was making up dances to Hangin Tough. That's right..I was one of those kids.
    I hope you were able to get some R & R today!

  3. Happy birthday (a day late)! Hope it was a great one for you!!

  4. Thanks ladies! Kipley, we have more in common than you think. Not only was I a NKOTB choregrapher, I used to have NKOTB bed sheets. I'd kiss Jordan every night before bed, then sleep with my shirt looped through my collar so I'd look "hot" just in case they came alive!