Friday, May 28, 2010

TV and Bon Bons

Sometimes people think that since I don't work, I stay at home watching TV, ignoring my kid. In fact, the other day my neighbor offered me some CDs of children’s songs in Spanish since Ely "doesn't have stimulation." (Awesome!)

I love being at home with her, but resent the implication that I ignore her all day. The reality of our lives is that we see someone, most of whom have children Ely can interact with, almost every day. It's good for my sanity and keeps Ely (gasp!) stimulated!

On a related note i.e. desire to brag (hey, it's a mother's right!): Yesterday, the neurologist was astounded by how social Ely is. Honestly, I am too! Neither R nor I are incredibly extroverted.

Last night, she slept horribly, had a slight fever and a runny nose. Since she doesn't have a single tooth, I'm thinking that might be our culprit. But, I’ve cried wolf a million times on teething and she’s seen a couple people with colds this week. So, we’ll see.

No matter the culprit, today we’re both exhausted and not feeling well. We're bundled up in our warmest, comfiest pajamas clothes, watching TV. I'm embarrassed to say that the viewing list has included nothing juvenile or remotely educational, but we’ve had plenty of Real Housewives of Orange County, Clean House, Bringing Home Baby, Sixteen and Pregnant. I can honestly say that today (when Ely is 10 months and 4 days old), is the first day I've "lived the dream". I’m not ignoring Ely, there’s lots of reading aloud and cuddling going on. When she gets wiggly, I put away the DVDs so she can do this again.

(yes, that's a purple shag rug! R picked it out when we bought the house, but I've come to love it!)

Now, excuse me, I'm going to go get my bon-bons- the afternoon soaps are starting! Stimulation resumes tomorrow (once that neighbor gets me that CD).


  1. Lil miss Social! She always has something important to say every time I see her. Definitely don't have to worry about having a wall flower on your hands! Ummm..and can I say Sixteen and Pregnant is a slight addiction of mine..? Glad I'm not the only one.
    See you Tuesday!

  2. Oh my Goodness! I totally have it on DVR and I don't really want TV! It's sad!