Friday, April 30, 2010

40 weeks

Today feels special and it's all thanks to Babycenter! I got my " weekly report" on Elisa and what she should be doing. Turns out that she's 40 weeks old today, meaning that she's been in the world 2 days longer than she was in my belly (if you count the two weeks at the beginning that you're not ACTUALLY pregnant, but you get credit for).

The first 40 weeks, my body was showing off. It turned two cells into an entire human on a diet of strawberry smoothies, watermelon, red meat and chocolate peanut butter cake from Pasta e Basta. In the weeks after her arrival and even today, my mind is boggled that my body was capable of such a creation. Everything is in it's place; from the last eye lash on her right eyelid to her kidneys.

This second set of 40 weeks has been a period of marvelling at what HER body can do. Her first smiles brought us down from the ledge to which those first weeks had brought us. These days, her ability to look for something she's lost, clap and wave bye-bye are no less fascinating and endearing.

These 80 weeks have changed our lives in unimaginable ways. R and I have seen our lives greatly improved and are different people as a result. This time has been so wonderful that I'm tempted to set a new goal for the next 80 weeks. I don't know what it will be, but Im taking suggestions as long as they don't include another baby!

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